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The Cayton Crest

Cautus metuit foveum lupus
The wolf who is cautious fears the snare

Our surname is a variant of Caton, along with Catton, and is of the locative origin translating literally into ‘Of Catton’, a chapelry in the Parish of Croxhall, Derbyshire.

There are parishes of the same name in Norfolk, 2 miles from Norwich and in the East Riding of Yorkshire.

Townships existed in the Parish of Topcliffe, North Riding of Yorkshire, and again in the Parish of Lancaster. The old English ‘Cada’ is a personal or byname, and ‘tub’, meaning ‘settlement or enclosure’ give us ‘Cada’s Settlement’, gradually corrupting into ‘Catton’ with usage.

Our Family Motto is Cautus metuit foveum lupus, which means “The wolf who is cautious fears the snare”.

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