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Morton on Swale

Flowers in the meadow (Intentional Camera Movement)

Where we live now
Currently living in Morton on Swale, North Yorkshire. Morton-on-Swale is a large village and civil parish in the Hambleton district of North Yorkshire. It lies on the A684 about 4 miles west of the County Town of Northallerton. It is less than 1 mile (1.6km) to the village of Ainderby Steeple. As the name suggests it lies on the River Swale. We’ve lived here since May 2017 having lived in Guiseley for over 30 years..

The village is mentioned twice in the Domesday Book as; Moretun. At the time of the Norman invasion, the lands were part of the manor of Kirkby Fleetham held by Gospatric, son of Arnketil, with some lands held by Grim. Afterwards the descent of the manor followed that of nearby Ainderby Steeple.

The topynomy of the village is derived from the Old English word m?r for Moor and the word tun for farm, with the addition of the geographical reference to the nearby river, giving Moor farm on the River Swale.

St Helen's Church, Ainderby Steeple
St Helen’s Church, Ainderby Steeple

There is an Anglican Church in Ainderby Steeple called St Helen’s Church. The church dates from the first half of the fourteenth century. An earlier church, thought to be 12th century, occupied the site but this was rebuilt in around 1320. The tower was re-built in the 15th century and the church underwent restoration in 1870.

The village is quite small population wise compared to where we used to live in Guiseley. In the 2011 Census there were 536 people recorded as living in the village. This has increased quite some in the last few years with at least 3 new but relatively small housing developments. The shop recently (Late 2018) re-opened, the Old Royal George Pub is the last remaining pub in the village and there is White’s a renowned butchers shop. The two closest villages of Thrintoft and Ainderby Steeple both have pubs serving excellent food. The New Inn at Thrintoft and The Wellington Heifer in Ainderby Steeple offer excellent value!

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