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In this section of our web site we have included some family history information - as much as we know at present - along with some old photographs.  We hope you find them of interest. I apologise for the layout and design of this page - it will be improved as soon as possible.

Currently we have some details from the Cayton side of the family. Paul's parents are Thomas Cayton, born in Otley, West Yorkshire on 11th July 1922 and Kathleen Tooby, born 29th January 1925 in Normanton, West Yorkshire.

Thanks to Lesley Bradley for some of the information below. Lesley is related through the family tree, her Great Grandfather Robert Cayton was brother to my Grandfather Thomas (Tom) Cayton.

Great Great Great Great Grandparents

Robert Cayton
b. ????

Great Great Great Grandparents

1851 CensusRobert Cayton
b. 1771/1778
bp. Ripon, Yorkshire
m. 17.09.1803
d. 1871
dp. Sheriff Hutton
Click on small picture below to see the 1851 Census Record as written by the enumerator

Jane Bean
b. 1764
dp. Sheriff Hutton (72 yrs)  

Great Great Grandparent

Ann Cayton (Spinster)
b Sep 1807
bp Sheriff Hutton
d, 1873
dp. Sheriff Hutton (64 years)

Great Great Grandparents

William Thompson
b. 1793/4
bp. Sutton on Forest
Elizabeth ?
b. 1793/1794
bp. Moor Mountain? Monkton?
Great Grandparents
William and Hannah Cayton
On the 1901 Census they are listed as living in the same street (Grant Street, North Newbald) as Tom and Francis Cayton. Therefore this is only an assumption based on this fact and their age at the time. They also had a Grand Son, Gordon Cayton and Mary Lamming, a Grand Daughter living with them at this time.
1851 Censuscensusformwilliamandhannah.jpg (629555 bytes)Click on small pictures (left) to see the 1851 & 1901 Census Record as written by the enumerator
RG13_Pc-4460_Fo-69_Pg-12 GeorgeSarahButler.jpg (678777 bytes)Great Grandparents
George and Sarah Butler
On the 1901 Census Sarah Butler is listed as being 66 years old, living in North Newbald. It is an assumption at this time that they are the parents  of Francis Butler.

William Cayton 
b. 1834
bp. Illegitimate son of Ann, spinster Sheriff Hutton
m. 06.08.1859
d. 1906
dp. (Jun Qtr) Beverley 9d 57 (72yrs)
Hannah Thompson
b 1836
bp Kexby
d 1907
dp. (Dec Qtr) Beverley 9d 73 (71 yrs)
George Butler
Born 1832? Newland, Yorks
Sarah Butler
Born 1835?
censusformcayton.jpg (466262 bytes)Tom Cayton and Francis Butler
On the 1901 Census they are listed without children living in Grant Street, North Newbald.
Click on small picture below to see the 1901 Census Record as written by the enumerator



Tom Cayton 
b. 06.05.1877 
(view birth certificate)
Birth Certificate

Tom CaytonTom Cayton - Paul's Grandfather
North Newbald, East Riding of Yorkshire. 
m. 02.07.1899 
d. 1931

(view marriage certificate)
Marriage Certificate

Death CertificateFrances Butler
b. 1880
Newbald, East Riding of Yorkshire.
d. 19.02.1931
(view death certificate)

They had 11 children
Down Arrow 


No Image 


No Image 


No Image available Gladys Hamer Helen Prest
Edith (Bould) Gladys (Hamer) Helen (Prest)
Down Arrow  2 sons 
Peter and Brian
1 son and 2 daughters
William, Margaret, Kathleen
Down Arrow 


Elizabeth (Betty) Ward No Image available


Rose (Longfellow)
Olive Essex No Image available



No image available
Down Arrow

Elizabeth (Ward)

Olive (Essex) William (Bill)
Down Arrow  1 son and 1 daughter
Colin and Jean
1 son
2 sons and 2 daughters
Timothy, Eric, Susan, Jean
3 sons and 2 daughters
Eileen, Howard, Janice, David, Mark
Parents - Thomas Cayton and Kathleen Tooby
Thomas CAyton Kathleen Cayton Dad working at Borough garage, Otley
b. 11.07.1922
bp. Otley,
West Yorkshire
m. 06.09.1952
d. 12.09.2008
Kathleen Tooby 
b. 29.01.1925
bp. Normanton, West Yorkshire
m. 06.09.1952
d. 04.09.2008
Dad working at Borough Garage, Otley in 1936, aged 14
Down Arrow
Paul Cayton Anne Cayton
Paul (ME!!!)
b. 11.07.1955
bp. Otley
West Yorkshire
m. 02.08.1980
  Anne Crossley
b. 30.06.1957
bp. Huddersfield
Down Arrow Down Arrow Down Arrow
Matthew James
b. 13.06.1988
bp. Leeds,
West Yorkshire
Rebecca Louise
b. 29.01.94
bp. Leeds, West Yorkshire
Thomas Lee 
b. 20.11.1997
bp. Leeds, West Yorkshire


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